Optimnen: foreign language courses from Daniel Tammet

Optimnen: foreign language courses from Daniel Tammet
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Optimnem offers foreign language courses for learners of all ages and abilities. The courses have been written by Daniel Tammet, in consultation with native speakers, and use a variety of ideas to teach the building blocks of the target language. The aim is to provide a broad and in depth survey of all of the major components of language learning - such as vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation - in a form that emphasises an intuitive, jargon-free, step-by-step approach.

Frequently asked questions

  • I speak only a little French/Spanish. Is the course right for me?
  • The courses are designed for beginners, those with only a little knowledge of the language or those who find learning and using correct grammar difficult.
  • How do the courses work?
  • Each course consists of 10 lessons, with each lesson focusing on a different 'building block' of the language. The courses have no time limit, so learners can take as little or as long over each lesson as they need.
  • What's included in the lessons?
  • Vocabulary presented in a variety of ways, jargon-free explanations of points of grammar, audio clips recorded by native speakers and exercises to help you practise as you learn and check your progress along the way.
  • What equipment do I need?
  • An Internet connection, plus speakers to hear the audio clips.
  • How much does each course cost and how do I pay?
  • Each course is £17.99 (we also accept payment in Euros and US dollars). You can make a secure online payment. Upon receipt of payment you will receive an email with your own, unique password and link to access the course pages.

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Optimnem is a proud supporter of the National Autistic Society and the National Society for Epilepsy.


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