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Optimnen: foreign language courses from Daniel Tammet
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Learn Spanish online with the Optimnem Spanish course. Ideal for beginners, those with a little knowledge of the language or those who find learning or using correct grammar difficult.

If this is your first visit to our site, you may want to find out more about Daniel. Also, read the introduction to our online language courses.

We provide courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Each course consists of 10 lessons, with each lesson focusing on a different 'building block' of the language.

How our courses work

Whole sentence examples with simultaneous translation:

  • '¿Por qué te gusta el queso?'
    (Why do you like cheese?) headphones icon

Hundreds of native speaker-recorded audio clips:

  • 'Todos los años van por coche a España'
    (Every year they go by car to Spain) headphones icon
  • 'Nuestra iglesia está abierta todos los días'
    (Our church is open every day) headphones icon

Simple, jargon-free explanations of grammatical features

Emphasis on word relationships and other patterns to aid recall:

  • la mano (hand)
  • manojo (handful)
  • manosear (to tamper)
  • manija (handle)

Lots of self-check exercises to monitor your progress; just click the sentence to reveal the answer:

  1. They say that they want to study Spanish
    Ellos/ellas dicen que quieren estudiar español
  2. Los chicos juegan al fútbol en el campo
    The boys play football in the field

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there any time limit?
  • No. Learners can take as little or as long over each lesson as they need.
  • Is the course suitable for children?
  • Yes, the course's lessons are suitable for children as well as adults.
  • How much does the course cost and how do I pay online?
  • Each course is £17.99 (around 21 Euros or 28 US dollars) or purchase all 3 course levels together for £29.99 (44 Euros/$59 US). You can make a secure online payment. Upon receipt of payment you will receive an email with your own, unique password and link to access the course pages.

Read a list of the lessons available when you sign up to learn Spanish online.

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