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Spanish Proverbs Spanish Proverbs

Á buen hambre no hay pan duro
(There's no hard bread when you're hungry)

Á falta de hombres buenos, á mi padre hicieron alcalde
(For a lack of good men, they made my father mayor)

Caras vemos, corazones no sabemos
(Faces we see, hearts we don't know)

Del dicho al hecho, hay mucho trecho
(Between the said and the done, there's a great distance)

Él que no llora, no mama
(The squeaky wheel gets the grease; 'he that doesn't cry, doesn't suckle)

Él que se ha quemado con leche al ver una vaca llora
(He who has been burnt with milk, cries at the sight of a cow)

Más vale pájaro en mano que ciento volando
(A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush; 'Better a bird in hand than a hundred flying')

No hables de la soga en casa del ahorcado
(Don't speak of rope in a hanged man's home)

No hay mal que por bien no venga
(Every cloud has a silver lining; 'There isn't bad from which good doesn't come')

Si quieres el perro, acepta las pulgas
(If you want the dog, accept the fleas)

Si tu mujer quiere tirarte de un tejado, procura que sea un bajo
(If your wife wants to throw you off a roof, try to find a low one)

Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres
(Birds of a feather flock together; 'Tell me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are')

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